Congratulations to Thalassemia International Federation!

The Thalassemia International Federation have been awarded the prestigious Dr LEE Jong-wook Memorial ‪Prize for Public Health by the World Health Organisation. The prize recognises outstanding contributions to public health. Dr Androulla Eleftheriou, Executive Director of Thalassemia International Federation said in a speech accepting the prize:

“The Thalassemia International Federations’ (TIF) success, since its establishment in 1987, undoubtedly underlines and demonstrates the significant impact of patients/parents organisations on the promotion of policies and programmes, disease specific, but also public health oriented ones.

The empowerment of patients and parents across geographic, cultural, religious, social and linguistic borders, and their transformation into equal partners with national and international health bodies has been our major success and will continue to constitute our main focus.

TIF is privileged to be working in official relations with WHO since 1996, promoting and contributing to many of its programmes, disease-specific and public health ones as an important pillar of our activities.

We, as TIF, remain committed to not only continue but to upgrade the international momentum around haemoglobin disorders, through strengthening our work and contribution to the relevant programmes of WHO.”

The Sickle Cell Society offers our warmest congratulations to the Federation!