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Batman vs Superman might have got a lukewarm reception, and we think you could do so much better! On May 15th, over a thousand superheroes will be running through Regent’s Park, and we’re inviting you to join them.

The Do It For Charity Superhero Run will let you be a superhero for sickle cell, and they’ll even give you a free cape! You can walk, run or jog 5K or 10K. It won’t cost you anything, all you need to do is pledge to raise £100 for the Sickle Cell Society (and we’ll help you raise the money!).

Do you see yourself as a Sickle Cell Spiderman? How about an Incredible Haemoglobinopathies Hulk? Or maybe you’re more of Blood Diseases Batman? Or… all right, we’ll stop with the superhero puns if you sign up.

Sign up for the Superhero Run

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Hopefully we’ll see you in your capes on May 15th!

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