As you may know, our AGM is fully booked, and we’ve had to instigate a waiting list. If you’ve booked a place, but have found yourself unable to attend, please please PLEASE cancel your attendance, because there’s lots of people who would love to go. There will be a link in the email you were sent when you booked your place. You can also reduce the number of tickets you booked: say, for example, you booked 5 tickets, and you know that one of the people you booked for can’t make it, you can reduce your number of tickets to four.

If you need support in cancelling your booking, please email with your name, and the email address you booked your tickets under.

It’s really important that you cancel your booking if you can’t come because there are lots of people really eager to go!

Haven’t booked yet? Add yourself to the waiting list! It won’t guarantee you a place, but you’ll receive an email on Friday if a spot becomes available for you.