Keep warm this winter with SnugToes heated slippers

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The cold months can be a tough time for people living with sickle cell, as the chilly temperatures might provoke a crisis. Keeping yourself warm is a priority in the cold months. We’ve previously talked about NHS advice and the financial help that might be available to you to heat your home, and today we’d like to introduce something else: heated slippers!

SnugToes are a brand-new invention from Simi Sokan, an entrepreneur, mother and IT consultant. Simi lives with Raynauds Syndrome, a condition which causes blood vessels to constrict and can leave you with painful cold feet. These heated slippers keep your feet cosy in the coldest of climates!

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Simi spent years trying to keep her feet warm, resorting to desperate measures. “The only relief that I observed was when I put a hot water bottle on top of my indoor slippers. This got me thinking that there must be a way I could integrate the heat from the water bottle into the slippers whilst still being able to move around. Thus SnugToes heated slippers were born.”

SnugToes heated slippers are an ingenious design. It’s a pair of stylish slippers with a microwaveable pad that you can slip out and heat to a temperature that’s comfortable for you, before popping it back in your slippers and enjoying warm feet for up to three hours.

Since her design was made a reality, Simi has been wearing her SnugToes heated slippers for 10 months out of 12. “I can’t imagine life without them,” she said, “we don’t get a lot of warm weather here in the UK.

Keeping the extremities warm is a key part of staying healthy in winter when you live with a sickle cell disorder, so we’re excited team up with SnugToes to offer you a discount on SnugToes slippers. You can buy your pair of SnugToes slippers, and gifts for all your friends and family at Even if you don’t win, SnugToes are offering all readers a massive 15% discount on their already competitive prices. Use code SC1016 when ordering.

Keep cosy this winter, from head to toe!