The radio is just as relevant as ever in 2016! Over the coming weeks, you’ll be hearing from us over the airwaves quite a bit!

First of all, this Friday April 8th, switch on Brent Community Radio and listen to a discussion of life with sickle cell, and what we can do to help. Our show will air at 3.30, and if you’ve got something to say you can call in and join in the discussion. You don’t need to be in Brent to listen or participate: listen online at:

And next, in May, you’ll be hearing a special radio appeal from a celebrity! Malorie Blackman OBE–who has written a host of award-winning books for young people–will be broadcasting a very special appeal for the Sickle Cell Society on BBC Radio 4. Tune in at 7.55am and again at 9.26pm on Sunday 15th May and listen to this legendary writer raise awareness of sickle cell disease and how the Society can help.

You’ve got a lot of time to clear your afternoons and evenings and listen to shows about sickle cell. Save the dates, and when the time comes, pour yourself a nice cup of tea and put your feet up!