In tomorrow’s Spending Review and Autumn Statement, charities might be dealt an unprecedented blow: the bulk of the Big Lottery Fund may be cut from charities and diverted to cover other cuts. If this happens, it will be disastrous for charities.

In our area, the Big Lottery Fund has provided over £200,000 since 2010 to fund charitable causes including our Children’s Holiday. The Big Lottery Fund funds local services that are no longer being provided by the government. To cut it would cut a lot of important services provided.

We stand with other charities in calling for the Big Lottery Fund to be protected, and we ask you to join us in taking action to protect this vital funding. Here are some things you can do:

1. Contact your MP by phone or email. Ask them to act to protect the Big Lottery Fund. You can get their contact details from here.

2. Use the NCVO’s data tool to find out how your own area has benefitted from the Big Lottery fund.

3. Share information about the planned cuts on social media, including this post. Encourage your family and friends to also take action.