We wish it were an April fool, but it isn’t. Once again, prescription charges have been raised. It’s time for this to stop. It’s time to take action. Join the Prescription Charges Coalition in writing to your MP asking for exemption from these harmful fees for all people with long-term health conditions.

This web tool makes writing to your MP easy, and you can personalise it with your own story to make it even more effective. Act now to ease the burden.

Currently there is a medical exemption list which dictates who does and doesn’t have to pay for their essential medication in England.

This list is out of date and illogical and we believe it should be reviewed. It was established in 1968 and has barely changed since then, meaning many conditions that people now live with for years either didn’t exist when the exemption criteria were created, or had such a short life expectancy it was not thought necessary to add them. For example, sickle cell is not on the list because there was no treatment and people born with it were not expected to survive. This has changed now, and with the right medicines you can live a full life with sickle cell. Even more illogically, hydroxyurea–a medicine which many people find reduces the symptoms of sickle cell–is free of charge if you’re prescribed it for cancer… but not if you have sickle cell!

As members of the Prescription Charges Coalition, we know that prescription charges have a devastating impact on people with long term health conditions: We know that 1 in 3 people in England with a long-term condition have not collected medication due to the cost, and many cut down their dosage to save money. It’s clear this has an impact on their quality of life, and sometimes the results to their health can be extreme.

So please take action, and tell your MP this unfair system needs to be changed! Click here to take part.