This week saw the launch of the new Fundraising Preference Service, a new service which protects you from being harassed by charities with nuisance requests for donations.

The Sickle Cell Society has always strived to respect your communication preferences, making sure that we only get in touch with you how you want to hear from us. As you can see, on our Membership form, you can choose how we do and do not contact you. If you’re a newly signed-up member, we’ll make sure that we’re only getting in touch in the ways you want.

We hope that we’re doing a good job at respecting how you want to hear from us. If we’re not, and you’d prefer for us to contact you less, or differently, please contact or telephone the office. We will take your complaint seriously.

However, we’re aware that some less scrupulous charities might harass you. If you’ve asked them to stop, and they do not, here’s where the Fundraising Preference Service steps in. Learn more about the service here.