The Sickle Cell Society believes that individuals with sickle cell disease have the right to quality care.

This can only be achieved if funding is made available to educate health carers and other professionals about the condition. The Society aims to provide this. The Society does not discriminate between the types of sickle cell disorders or the ethnic groups concerned. Both sexes are equally affected, and should have equal access to support and services within a confidential and sensitive environment. We respect the views of every patient. We have a network of committed volunteers, who play an important part in running the charity, providing administrative backup, and helping with fund-raising activities.

Donations from the public, fund-raising activities and membership fees are also part of our life support. Without them, we would be unable to finance the essential welfare, research and educational projects and we would be unable to offer children a much-needed holiday. The Society benefits from the support of a wide range of individuals and organisations nationally, who together play a vital role in its success. It draws funding support from amongst others the Department of Health, Community Fund, Lloyds TSB Foundation, PPP Healthcare Medical Trust and Goldman Sachs International.

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The Sickle Cell Society was first set up as a registered charity in 1979. It was formed by a group of patients, parents and health professionals who were all concerned about the lack of understanding and the inadequacy of treatment for people living with sickle cell disorders.

The Society is managed by a committee of 10 volunteers elected at the Annual General Meeting, and they meet each month. The Management Committee is accountable to the members and works with a small core of paid staff to further the Society’s aims by providing special services and welfare schemes for sickle cell sufferers.

Our vision is to be the most successful sickle cell organisation nationally with a wide network of well-informed, committed and active supporters working at local, national and international levels.

We will be better able to empower and assist people with sickle cell disorders to achieve their full economic and social potential.

We hope that this page provides you with a better understanding of the work which the Society does, because it is only by working together that we can achieve this vision.

If you have a Sickle Cell disorder, then join us, use our services, and let us help you overcome some of the difficulties the illness causes. If you haven’t then join our network of supporters – help us to raise awareness about the disease; help us to raise vital funds for research, education and welfare for sickle cell sufferers. By joining together, we can all turn a sickle into a smile!


Staff Members

John James

Chief Executive

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Miriam Williams

Office Manager / Accounts Manager

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Iyamide Thomas
Screening Programme Outreach Officer

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Kalpna Sokhal
Fundraising Manager

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Donna Prendergast
South London Community Manager

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Valerie Oldfield
South London Link Worker

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Jessica Boatright
Children’s Activities Coordinator

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Matthew Neal

Communications and Social Media Officer

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Linda Chic

Breaking Down Barriers Project Officer

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Shahnaz Qizilbash 

Helpline and Information Officer

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John Phelps

Head of Fundraising

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Tracy Williams

Hackney Engagement Officer

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Adam Lloyd

Parliamentary Officer

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