Self Over Sickle


The Self Over Sickle programme (SOS) promotes improved physical, psychological, social and emotional wellbeing, primarily for young people aged 16-25. Focusing on areas of transition from moving away from home and dating to pursuing a career and raising a family, the sessions are entwined with games and creative activities to practically and positively impact all who attend.

Taking place across weekday evenings, spanning the East and West Midlands, Manchester, Yorkshire and South London, sessions are open to those who live locally and those willing to travel.

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Self Over Sickle Podcast

Living with sickle cell? Know someone with sickle cell? Or just interested to find out more? Then join the conversation as we share the stories of Sickle Cell Warriors across the UK and the support available across the community. With the help and advocacy of healthcare specialists, and other local and national organisations we want to help you find your hopes, live your dreams and exceed your aspirations, because you may have Sickle Cell but Sickle Cell doesn’t have to have you. Listen to the first episode below or find out more here.

Episode 1 – Introduction 

Episode 2 – Relationship Goals

Episode 3 – Life Goals

Episodes 4 – Career Goals


Body Goals

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Want to stay well this Winter? Join us as we give you the top tips and tricks to improve your food and lifestyle!

Life Goals

Photo by Antas Singh from Pexels

Thinking about your next step? Join us as we give you the inside scoop on how to make university, travelling and employment work for you!

Career Goals

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Employment or Entrepreneurship? Find out your options and the pros and cons of each with this webinar featuring employers, entrepreneurs and employees with Sickle Cell!

Relationship Goals

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Sickle Cell Trait? Sickle Cell Warrior? Join us as we discuss Sickle Cell, Dating and Support available before and after starting a family.

Squad Goals

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Need support in your community? Join us as we give you the lowdown on what’s in your area to support you from financial to social.

My Goals

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Self Over Sickle. Find out how to boost your mood, stay motivated and live your best life!