Real Life Blog 08.11.17Having sickle cell made me have to grow up very quickly, As a child and teenager I didn’t really understand my illness or the effects it could have on me. I just thought my blood was different to other people which is not entirely true. Getting extremely ill at 17, what I knew about sickle cell wasn’t good enough. I was slapped in the face with hospital/doctor jargon and not wanting to look stupid, I would just agree. Over time I made friends with some older ladies who made me realise I needed to fully understand my illness in order to not be pushed around. So I researched and used every hospital admission as a lesson and paid attention to all my surroundings. As a result of that I now understand my illness, my body and doctor jargon fully. I advise young people living with sickle cell to research your illness fully!  As a doctor should never be able to tell you something about your sickle cell that you don’t already know . …My #sicklecellfamily I pray for your health happiness hope and strength Alhumdulillah 🙏🏾💚#aliyasthoughtsscd


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