Complaints and Feedback Process

Complaints and Feedback Process

Following correspondence with the Sickle Cell Society helpline service, you will be provided with details for our optional online feedback survey. This survey can also be found on our website, under the Helpline Service section.

The survey will ask you a few simple questions regarding your experience with the helpline service. The information used in the survey is anonymous. The data collected is to measure progress and impact, and ensure we continuously improve the helpline service.

The views of our helpline service users are very important to us and we take any negative feedback seriously. If you are unhappy with any aspect of a call or email correspondence, we would like to hear from you and appreciate the opportunity this gives us to learn and improve the service we are offering.

Helpline service users can:

  • Contact the helpline and information officer on 020 8963 7794 to make a formal complaint;
  • Put their complaint in writing to the helpline and information officer. This can be instead of, or as well as, their verbal complaint.

If a helpline service user wishes to make a formal complaint in writing instead of, or in addition to, making a complaint by telephone:

  • Make letters out to the helpline and information officer, Sickle Cell Society, 54 Station Road, London NW10 4UA
  • The helpline and information officer will investigate the complaint and send a written reply to the helpline service user within seven working days of receiving the written complaint. The letter informs the caller of any action taken in response to the complaint, or reasons why no further action has been taken. The letter also includes the opportunity for the caller to put their complaint to the communications and social media officer or the chief executive if they feel the matter is not resolved, who will respond within seven days, this response will be final.