NHS England is responsible for planning and buying specialised services for people living with sickle cell disease (SCD), thalassaemia (which are known collectively as haemoglobinopathies), together with other rare inherited anaemias.

Over the past few months they have been talking to people living with these conditions, and the health professionals who support them, to understand how these services are working, and where they could do things differently to ensure people across the country can access the care they need.

They will be holding three webinars in January to explain more about specialised services, share what we have heard so far, and discuss how services may look in the future. Don’t worry if you’ve never taken part in a webinar before – you will need access to a computer and a phone but it’s free to join and we will send step by step instructions. You just need to click the link to register your interest.

If you’d like to receive updates directly, you can register as a stakeholder for NHS England specialised commissioning. Please sign up for the Haemoglobinopathies CRG (part of the Blood & Infection Programme of Care) to stay informed about other ways to get involved.