Keep Warm in the Cold Weather

Keep Warm in the Cold Weather

Cold weather months are always a difficult time for people living with Sickle Cell. Being cold increases your chances of having a Sickle Cell crisis, so it’s important to keep warm as much as you possibly can. This year we know that the whole country will be impacted by the energy crisis and of course very high bills, making it even more difficult for members of our community.

Here are some helpful tips which we hope will help.

  • Avoiding extremes in temperature is critical, so it’s important to dress appropriately for the weather. Dress warmly with long layers and even thermal layers in extreme colder weather.


  • Gloves and thick socks can help to keep your hands and feet warm and hand and foot warmers help too.


  • Wearing a woollen hat can also help to prevent heat loss through your head whilst outside and also inside if it’s very cold, although you should never sleep in a hat.


  • Drink hot beverages and eat hot food such as soup. Perhaps invest in a thermos and plan ahead to be able to take hot beverages and food out with you.


  • Using Hot water bottles can also help you stay warm, as can having blankets at home to cover yourself with when you feel the cold.


  • Covid still remains with us, so it also helps to try and avoid being around anyone who is displaying Covid symptoms, and to take covid precautions including regular hand washing and wearing a mask in crowded spaces.


  • UK residents can apply for discounts from their energy supplier. This includes the “Warm Home discount” from your energy supplier. If you are on a low income (also if you cannot work) you can get around £140 which is deducted from your bill in spring.


Remember that our Helpline remains open from 10am -5pm 5 days a week for help and support.

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