May Feedback Sessions – Birmingham Sickle Cell patients

May Feedback Sessions – Birmingham Sickle Cell patients

If you use Birmingham City Hospital, or Birmingham Women and Children’s Hospital for your sickle cell care, we really want your views. We are holding an online event on 14 May and invite you to take part. Registration links are below.

Along with the UK Thalassaemia Society are supporting the UK Forum for Haemoglobin Disorders Review Programme.

This means that we are collecting patient feedback on sickle cell services at different hospital locations, to feed into reviews of the service people receive. You can be frank with your views and we will provide a report at the end which does not identify the contributors.

West Midlands review visit to City Hospital and Birmingham Children’s Hospital is taking place later in May. This is part of a plan to improve care for people with haemoglobin disorders/ Sickle Cell Disorder/ Thalassaemia and Rare Inherited Anaemias.

A team of patients, carers and healthcare professionals will look at the care offered by your local service and identify things that are working well and areas where improvements could be made.

Before the visit, we would like to hold an online meeting on Tuesday May 14th with patients and carers. The meeting will last about an hour. For the first 30 minutes we would like to meet with children, young people and their families and for the second 30 minutes with adults.

A representative from the Sickle Cell Society, user and carer reviewers will lead the meeting and a representative from the Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit (who are facilitating the review programme) will also attend but only to provide support to the meeting and take notes.

Reviewers will see some information during the visits but will be interested in exploring issues with you about your general experience of care, how you access services and the process for user and carer feedback. We will also ask about information and support that is available for you, how care is planned and monitored, and arrangements for ‘self-care’.

In particular, we would like patients/families to share:

  • Their experience of the quality of services they receive
  • How well they are involved or engaged about issues regarding their care
  • The support they receive from healthcare professionals and other members of the team
  • Any specific service positives and not so positive

The review team will draw its conclusions from multiple sources and the reports will not identify individuals’ comments.

The purpose of this meeting is to gather feedback, and will help to improve the care that your local service offers. Your ideas and suggestions may help people in other areas as well.

Attendance is free, by online meeting. Please book a ticket on Eventbrite so we are aware of numbers :

Tuesday 14th May 4.30pm -5.00 pm – Children, young people and their families

Tuesday 14th May 5.00pm – 5.30pm – Adults

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