Sickle Cell, Blood Donation and Me

Sickle Cell, Blood Donation and Me

Join Sickle Cell Society for this interactive workshop on sickle cell disorders, blood donation and how your blood could save a life.

About this Event

During this interactive workshop we will:

  • Hear personal stories about the importance of blood donation in the treatment of sickle cell disorders
  • Explain why more black heritage blood donors are needed, and
  • Provide information on how you can sign up and save a life.

We will be joined by a range of speakers from the sickle cell community, including London-based musician, 1ne

About South London Gives

South London Gives aims to increase regular blood donation in people of black heritage.

The blood donation service needs to recruit 40,000 new black and mixed race donors to treat sickle cell patients. Sickle cell patients needing regular blood transfusions benefit from more precisely matched blood and this is most likely to come from someone with the same ethnicity.

South London Gives’ team of volunteers raise awareness of the need for more black donors, breakdown some of the myths, preconceptions and fears that exist around the topic and encourage people to sign up to give blood in their communities.

Funded by NHS Blood and Transplant

Wednesday 5 August, 5.30pm – 7.00pm via Zoom. Joining details will be sent the day before the event.

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