Support our Vitality 10K runners

Support our Vitality 10K runners

This Sunday, we have lots of runners undertaking the Vitality British 10K Run in London. They’ll be running around some of London’s greatest landmarks to raise funds and awareness of Sickle Cell.

The Society is enormously grateful to our runners, and we wish them luck. We hope you’ll join us in cheering them on. Read more about our runners, and support them in their endeavour…

Andrew and Emma– Andrew and Emma are running together because they have family and friends with sickle cell, and want to raise awareness.

Reyna– Reyna’s running on behalf of those that can’t, and because the Society is a smaller, less-known charity.

Kenny– Kenny is running because he has close friends and family with sickle cell… and likes a challenge!

Good luck to all of our runners!

If you’re inspired to run for sickle cell, please contact our Fundraising Officer, Osama El-Amin