Tell your story

Tell your story

Tell Your Story: Joint oral history project on sickle cell with UCL and the Wellcome Trust

We want to preserve the history of sickle cell anaemia in Britain. Since the 1950s to the present day, there has been a battle for services, funding and recognition in the National Health Service. To record this journey, the Sickle Cell Society is collaborating with a researcher from UCL and the Wellcome Trust on an oral history project.


If you are:

  • Someone who has sickle cell
  • A carer for someone with sickle cell
  • A doctor, nurse, or other medical professional involved with sickle cell treatment

… then we would love to invite you to take part in this project by participating in a recorded oral history interview. This would take about an hour, at a place convenient for you.


The interviews will be conducted by Grace Redhead, a Wellcome Trust-funded doctoral researcher at University College London, who is working with the Society on the history of sickle cell anaemia in Britain.


If you or someone else you know would like to take part, or would just like to learn more, then contact: