Travel costs for Specialist Sickle Cell Treatment

Travel costs for Specialist Sickle Cell Treatment

Some sickle cell patients face frequent travel for treatment. We are aware, for example, that adult patients in the West Midlands who require apheresis must travel to London on a regular basis, and that some have to pay these transport costs out of their own pockets.

Some patients may be eligible for the Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme which can refund travel expenses. These refunds are available to people who are:

• On certain benefits or on a low income.
• Making the journey to receive NHS-funded treatment to which you have been referred by your GP, dentist or consultant.

Read more about the Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme.

Your local Clinical Commissioning Group may also be able to reimburse your travel costs, so try getting in touch with them to find out about what help is available.

The Sickle Cell Society is continuing to lobby politicians and liaise with the NHS to ensure that people living with sickle cell are not forced to pay vast sums of money for their healthcare. If you need any further advice or experience problems securing reimbursement for travel costs please email or call 020 8963 7795.