Activities Calendar

Activities Calendar

Our Activities Calendar gives you an overview of upcoming activities that you can get involved with.

Fundraising (in green)

  • Walks, marathons, and other sponsored activities you can sign up to
  • Events (in person and virtual) you can attend to raise money for sickle cell 
  • Other fundraising activities

Events (in red)

  • SCS run events like children’s activities, awareness days, talks, workshops
  • Other activities you might want to attend
  • Special days like World Sickle Cell Day

Key Months

There are also lots of month long celebrations which we haven’t included on the calendar, but have below instead:

  • July – Sickle Cell Awareness Month (UK)
  • September – Sickle Cell Awareness Month (US & Global)
  • October – Black History Month

Looking for other ways to fundraise? Check out out fundraising page here: