BDB meets Tropical Sun Foods and Mavis Amankwah

BDB meets Tropical Sun Foods and Mavis Amankwah

On Thursday 2nd November 2017, I was asked to present the Breaking Down Barriers (BDB) Project at a donation event in partnership with Tropical Sun Foods.

It was hosted by the Multi-Award Winning Entrepreneur & Diversity Ambassador Mavis Amankwah.

The representatives from Tropical Sun Foods were extremely interested in the BDB project, and they’ve been working hard on a number of community projects including renovating two schools local to their factory in Jamaica, to enable the children of their factory employees to benefit from a safe and functional environment to study.

They donated £1000 worth of produce to the society to use at our future events, and even treated me to some coconut oil, because coconut oil is life and I use it on everything! Lol.

They donated a further £2000 cheque to enable us to continue supporting our service users.

The photo on the day were taken by the amazing Darnell Ibraham of

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