AliyasthoughtsSCD: Emotional Pain

AliyasthoughtsSCD: Emotional Pain

Sickle cell can cause emotional and physical distress. When I was in hospital weekly, my body started to get weaker to the point it was hard to hold myself up sitting or standing. A walk to the shops felt like I was on a hike and daily tasks became a struggle. I felt my body destructing before me but there was nothing I could do about it.

As my health got worse I sunk into depression. I think depression is one of those things that never completely go away and can come back at anytime. I completely withdrew from everyone as I sat in my own world not letting many people in. Having any debilitating condition can bring you down.

The hardest thing for me was being so young and ‘not looking sick’ which made it easy for doctors to doubt me, which as you know really frustrates me. I believe my sickle cell has affected me more emotionally than it has physically which speaks volumes. When I’m in pain it really affects my mood and my attitude towards life and I don’t think it gets any easier.

People with sickle cell are so so strong in my opinion but for me personally as bad as the pain can be sometimes I can take that better than how it effects me emotionally and mentally. Depression is taken so lightly which is something that needs to change because mental health is so vital…

My #sicklecellfamily I continue to pray for your health happiness hope and strength Alhumdulilah 🙏🏾💚


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