SCS Statement on the Preventable Death of Evan Nathan Smith

SCS Statement on the Preventable Death of Evan Nathan Smith

Our thoughts are with the family of Evan Nathan Smith in light of the inquest into his death. It is further evidence that more awareness and training on sickle cell is desperately needed within the NHS to avoid preventable deaths of people living with SCD.

Please see below our statement:

“The results of the inquest into the preventable death of Evan Nathan Smith has generated a lot of anger within the Sickle Cell Society, sentiment we know is reflected across the sickle cell community.

In response, the Sickle Cell Society is making plans to convene several meetings with the purpose of putting in place clear and understandable measures to ensure that preventable deaths like this won’t happen again. These measures will be transparent to the sickle cell community, with patients involved in development and monitoring.

We plan to meet with members of the senior management and clinical teams at North Middlesex Hospital, the North Central London HCC (Haemoglobinopathy Coordinating Centre) as well as sickle cell patients from the local area including members of Evan’s family.

We will also be organising meetings with NHS England, the Department of Health and Social Care, and the National Haemoglobinopathy Panel, to ensure that national policies on sickle cell training, education and funding, support improvements in care at a local level.

The Sickle Cell Society Board of Trustees will also be meeting later this month to discuss further steps to take.”