Hair Cut Fundraiser

Hair Cut Fundraiser

Joann Gwaliamba is raising money for us in a very special way. She has decided to get sponsored to cut her hair… or has she? Only you can decide whether she cuts her hair or keeps it. You can vote by donating to either the #TeamCut fundraiser or the #TeamKeep fundraiser. Which ever fundraiser has raised the most by the deadline will win!









A message from Joann:

My name is Joann and I would love your support in raising funds for the Sickle Cell Society.

Please join me in this campaign by donating for me to either cut or keep my hair and raise money for the Sickle Cell Society who are there for many sufferers and their parents/ care givers. I have volunteered for the Society in the past.

I am a Sickle Cell Anaemia Conqueror. I have battled crisis upon crisis since I was a year and a half. I thank God for the Character he gave me and the Warrior he instilled in me. I Fought back and have won the war on Sickle Cell! I am now turning 40 years old and aiming to raise Awareness to give many more a fighting chance!

To vote for #TeamCut click here

To vote for #TeamKeep click here

The deadline for this campaign is: 31st August 2018