My Special Mother

My Special Mother

This is a special blog for my mother and for all the mothers who are looking after a child with sickle cell disease or who suffer from sickle cell disease.

Being a mother is not an easy job and there has been no manual or DIY books written with tips or advice to make this a more successful easier job. I never thought that I would ever be a mother, especially because that was all I heard for so much years when I was growing up but today I am a mother to daughters 34 and 24 years old.

My mother raised all 6 of us with no help from nursery schools, childminders or nannies. We all ranged 1 year apart from one another, so were all very close and had the best sibling relationships ever. This included disagreements and fights but we were all one another’s best friends and keepers. My memories of my childhood was growing up in a family full of love, fun and happiness.

I always remember my mum being a woman who worked very hard within the house as well as outside. Doing 2 or 3 jobs to help my father financially, helping to contribute to looking after us all . Filling the house with food and drink while ensuring the house was being run smoothly.

I often asked my mum and still ask her now how she managed and how she raised us all by herself. She always replies:

I had no choice, your father was at work supporting the family and I was doing what I had to do.

It is so hard to describe my mother and the relationship that we have, she has something in her that is too hard to put into words. I could say it is an unconditional type of love but I believe it is over and beyond that. Nothing is ever too much for her to do for others, giving is actually second nature to her. A woman who makes you laugh when she doesn’t even realise she is being funny but also knows how to release tears when the time comes for them to be released.

My mother and father have helped me to grow into the person I am today, their guidance and support have always been so important to me. My mother has taught me to be God fearing and to put my trust and faith in God. She has encouraged me all the way and her influence has been even greater since my father passed away 11 years ago.

She has had to take on the role of both mother and father, although my father had already done a brilliant job of teaching me all the valuable things I needed to know, to deal with life before his passing.

A woman with a pure heart who has a backbone stronger than an ox, who will constantly lift the name of the Lord as high as it can be lifted and gives him all the glory and honour for bringing her so far. Her love and passion belongs to him.


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