Prescription charges set to rise again

Prescription charges set to rise again

Prescription charges are once again rising this April, to £8.60 an item.

People living with sickle cell disorder do not have medical exemption from prescription charges, which means that paying the fees can be difficult and some people may skip doses of medicine. We advise, if it is possible, to buy a prescription prepayment certificate, which will save you some money.

The Sickle Cell Society is a member of the Prescription Charges Coalition, the campaign for medical exemptions for all people with long-term health conditions. The coalition is currently gathering evidence of the impact of prescription charges. Would you be able to take a few minutes to fill out this survey with your experiences?

Responding to the increase in prescription charges to £8.60 in England, Morgan Vine of Parkinson’s UK who Co-Chair the Prescription Charges Coalition, a group of nearly 40 organisations campaigning to end prescription charges for people with long-term medical conditions, said:

“This will come as a blow to people with long term conditions, who already have to deal with additional living costs, and rely on regular medication to manage their condition.

Our research showed that 1 in 3 people with long term conditions, who answered our survey, had not collected a prescription because of the expense. This can have a hugely negative impact on the person’s health, often resulting in expensive hospital treatment and days off work.

“In 2018 the outdated and illogical medical exemption list for England will be 50 years old. It is unfair that some conditions are exempt from all charges, where others are required to pay for everything. It is the Government’s duty to support everyone with a long term condition to take their medication as prescribed. They must take urgent action to address this unjust situation.”

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    My foster son has sickle cell and will be on 4 different types of tablets for life
    He’s 16 at the moment , but I really worry that as he’s older, the cost of the prescription could put him off continuing.
    In his earlier years, it can be easy to not fully understand the importance of the medication ,and may not put it first just because it has to be paid for.
    It is a matter of life or death , or having your lifespan cut short.
    Prevention is the whole key of the medication without it , it will cost the government more in illnesses that occur and hospital stays and more serious conditions developing so it is false economy to not allow free prescriptions

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