Coronavirus and Sickle Cell Live Q&A – 11th September 2020

The Sickle Cell Society’s third Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Sickle Cell Live Q&A took place on: Friday 11th September, 4pm-5pm

It was attended by people from across the country who asked questions around sickle cell and coronavirus to our expert panel and saw presentations on clinical, patient and research perspectives.


  • Clinical Experience Perspective – Keisha Osmond-Joseph (view at 3:09)
  • Experience of Shielding and coming out of lockdown – Zainab Garba- Sani (view at 19:26)
  • UCL Covid-19 Research Study – Professor Fenella Kirkham & Anna Hood, Ph.D (view at 33:48)
  • Question & Answer Session (view at 45:15)

The Q&A panel consisted of:

  • John James OBE (Chief Executive of the Sickle Cell Society)
  • Professor David Rees (Consultant Paediatric Haematologist and SCS Medical Adviser)
  • Dr Kofi Anie (Consultant Psychologist and SCS Medical Adviser)

Watch all the presentations and the full Q&A below: