Take advantage of Brent’s community sickle cell service

Take advantage of Brent’s community sickle cell service

Brent’s first ever community sickle cell service is up and running for local people with sickle cell to use.

It is estimated about 450 people in the borough have sickle cell. The complications resulting from sickle cell can be extremely serious.

However, with the right treatment and by taking the right preventive measures, many of these problems can be avoided.

Brent’s community service gives advice and support to people with sickle cell – and their loved ones – so they can better manage the condition and make sure they only make a potentially stressful visit to hospital if they really need to.

The service is run by Brent Sickle Cell Society. Your GP can refer you to the service or you can do it yourself by contacting sharon.jackson@sicklecellsociety.org or 020 8961 7795.

For more information about the service visit the service’s website.

Case study: “Now is the time to take greater control of our lives”

MojiMoji, pictured left, who lives in Neasden, is one of 450 people living in Brent with a sickle cell disorder. She has experienced symptoms of joint pains, chest pains and has even had strokes due to her condition.

“I’ve had four strokes. The first experience was rather frightening and extremely tiring. Although a stroke is usually associated with older people, due to our condition, we have the added bonuses of sustaining other conditions which can be potentially fatal, triggering complication with our sickle disorders.”

In Britain there are between 12,500 and 15,000 people with sickle cell disorders and it is most common in people of African or Caribbean descent. It may also occur in people from an Indian, Pakistani, Middle Eastern or Eastern Mediterranean background.

“My advice to local people with sickle cell disorders is to use this new service. We have expressed a need for something like this and Brent CCG has listened.

“Now is the time to take greater control of our lives and utilise the services to our benefit as we continue to work together to be recognised and valued as community members.”

The Brent Sickle Cell Advice and Support Service was commissioned by Brent CCG.