Thames Bridges Trek 2019

Thames Bridges Trek 2019

Anthony King and Michelle Barned are both taking on the Thames Bridges Trek – a 25km trek through the Capital and across 16 historic bridges.

Anthony and Michelle will be taking on this challenge together but have two separate fundraisers in order to encourage a little friendly competition to see who can raise the most. See below for details about each of their fundraisers and links to donate.

Anthony King – Donate here

“Over 2 years ago I met an amazing lady who I recently discovered has Sickle Cell trait. She became my close friend and had a significant impact on my health and well-being. I desire to give back to a cause that is linked to her condition.”

Michelle Barned – Donate here

“I was diagnosed with Sickle Cell trait as a teenager when all I went to do was have my tonsils removed 🤷🏾‍♀️. Luckily it didn’t affect me greatly until the fear of passing it on to my unborn babies loomed over my pregnancies. Fortunately they are okay ✅. This is not the case for so many others and the work of the Sickle Cell Society helps to raise awareness, support families with the trait and, more importantly, those with the full blown disorder.”

The Thames Bridges Trek is part of the Thames Path Challenge festival of events. The Bridges Trek heads through the heart of the Capital taking in unrivalled views of the skyline from its best vantage points.