Voices of Pain

Voices of Pain

Voices of Pain is a multi-track montage of individuals’ reports living with or affected by sickle cell.

This UK based audio-documentary is a heartfelt and insightful production which captures the featured individuals’ first hand experiences and themes of pain, suffering, trauma but more importantly, resilience, hope and dreams that has enabled them deal with their pain & suffering.

The collection of untold accounts is an unedited and raw artistic expression of people aimed at finding meaning in their suffering and with art forms of poetry, prose, language, sensory, colour and sound which brings their narratives to life.

Created by June Okochi
Sound Production by MistaBooks
Music – The Path by Sean Beeson

Click here to listen to Voices of Pain

See more works by June here: www.juneokochi.co.uk/single-post/2020/06/02/Portraits-The-Art-of-Pain

Check out June’s previous project, 40 Portraits of Pain here: www.sicklecellsociety.org/40portraitsofpain/ 

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