AliyasthoughtsSCD: You Are A Fighter

AliyasthoughtsSCD: You Are A Fighter

AliyasthoughtsSCD: You Are A Fighter

To put it simply, sickle cell is a condition that can cause severe pain episodes known as a sickle cell crisis. The reality of sickle cell is that it is a physical illness that attacks the body on a daily basis. It causes daily pain, daily aches and twinges, damage to the bones and joints, damage to the organs, it also takes an emotional toll on you.

The strength that it takes to get up and fight day in and day out is indescribable. My sickle cell family, never dismiss your strength, acknowledge it daily. You are a fighter, a warrior, a solider and most importantly a survivor. I can’t put into words how much strength it takes to not let sickle cell win and not give up. I’ve done it before myself, in my lowest moments I felt weak and defeated.

I finally realised my strength and now I know, you only give up when you’re done fighting but I have so much more fight in me as do all of you! Even if it is just me doing my awareness posts I have to know I contributed to the fight for better!

I continue to pray for your health, happiness, hope and strength…Alhumdulillah



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2 Responses

  1. Anike

    It is never over if you continue to fight. I am a survivor at 41yrs as well…2 lovely kids and supportive friends and family. The strength of today is the hope for tomorrow. Keeping it real and upward forever.

  2. Augustine

    Well said Aliya, indeed anyone with SSD is a fighter and a survivor. We are all fighters. It takes a lot to pass through everyday challenges in Nigeria let alone doing it as a SSD patient with no mother or father to support.

    What I have told myself is that no matter what happens to me today, I will never give up.

    As a fighter, I will fight to the end.

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