AliyasthoughtsSCD: Isolation

AliyasthoughtsSCD: Isolation

As I’ve said before, sickle cell can become a lonely and isolating illness. I find that when I’m amongst people I portray that I am OK as I don’t want to always be the ‘sick one’. I found that when I would really be down and be struggling I didn’t want to talk about it, I didn’t know how to talk about it, it was too real and raw to try find words. I found that I began to always say I’m OK as it didn’t prompt a convo about it, it was easier than talking about it it’s still something I do till this day.

As my sickle cell became harder to escape I found I would isolate myself because at the time it was easier. I still find it hard to fully explain sickle cell and the difficulties of it. I found that accepting my illness made it easier to speak about it. I believe having a strong support system or at least 1 or 2 people to talk to makes a world of difference. My #sicklecellfamily I pray for your health happiness hope and strength 💚


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  1. Tina

    Amen Aliya, I understand that states of loneliness, sometimes, it feels like you are being discriminated when you tell people what is wrong with you. So to speak out, I am always reluctant about it. Thanks to my family and few of my friends who understand with me and are always there for me. Aliya, you and I and the rest of people living with Sickle cell are Warriors

  2. Name*

    I grew up when people didn’t even know what Sickle Cell Disease was. I felt like the most quiet, unconfident, confused teenager ever. Yes it has been a struggle and I still shut myself off when I feel it is necessary especially for my own mental state. But I am also proud that I am a survivor of Sickle Cell Disease. A survivor, fighter and achiever
    By having faith and believing in myself.
    I am now confident and want to tell people about my experiences with living with a health condition that can control your entire life. I have made it when others haven’t, I have achieved things that I never thought I would achieve. My name is Laurel Brumant and I suffer from Sickle Cell Disease….but it has made me string and Sickle Cell Disease is not me.

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