AliyasthoughtsSCD: Trapped

AliyasthoughtsSCD: Trapped

Sickle cell can sometimes bring a world of darkness and sadness. There are times when I feel like I’m trapped in a dark tunnel and the light is so far out of reach. The trauma from the treatment at hospital left me scarred, physically, mentally, emotionally. I carry that hurt and pain inside me and sometimes it just feels so heavy. Knowing a crisis can be just round the corner makes me live on edge. There was a time when I feared going into crisis because I knew what was going to come, another battle I had to psyche myself up for.

Knowing there may never be an end to this darkness just makes everything seem impossible. I fear that I may never be free from this burden and pain and that’s one of the hardest things I’ve had to deal with.

My heart goes out to all my #sicklecellfamily and I continue to pray for your health, happiness, hope and strength Alhumdulillah

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  1. Monica gatson

    I just so happened to come across this on my timeline. Something i needed to hear that im not only one with this disease feeling that way. Thank you for sharing and i pray it gets better for us all!

  2. Andrew

    Hello Aliya, you are not alone in Scd… I live with Scd, tho it makes you feel trapped if you allow it… I know crises can happen anytime so I have learnt to live life to the fullest without any fear of a crises.. Yes it leaves me worried bout the future but I have learnt to move with it and worry about staying healthy. You can too.. Don’t let it define you.

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