AliyasthoughtsSCD: Good and Bad Days

AliyasthoughtsSCD: Good and Bad Days

With sickle cell there are so many highs and lows, ups and downs, good days and bad days. When I first wake up my body determines my day and my mood. It sets my schedule. Waking up not knowing how I’m going to feel can be extremely frustrating. It makes me feel like I can’t make any plans ahead of time. I hate to break plans and let people down so when I’m having bad episodes of pain, it makes me feel like I can’t make any commitments.

For me a good day is waking up with just one part of my body hurting as oppose to multiple areas or all of my body hurting. Every day like that is a blessing and I try my best not to take those days for granted. I honestly can’t remember the last day I woke up completely pain free. Good health is such a blessing please never take it for granted. My #sicklecell family our good days are completely different to a ‘normal’ persons good day but always try to appreciate those good days and make the best of them.

I continue to pray for your health happiness hope and strength…Alhumdulillah 🙏🏾💚



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