Hydrotherapy Success

Hydrotherapy Success

I feel like quite a lot has happened since my last blog post and I suppose that is because so much has happened. I am still awaiting the date for my hip replacement operation and there has been so much confusion surrounding this that I have decided not to write about it. No negativity is going to destroy my positive mentality at the moment, because I need to ensure that I am at a place where I am at my strongest in faith. My physiotherapy has ended and I have to confess that I found it very painful which meant that it was quite difficult to keep up with the exercises like I should have been doing.

I am now on my 5th Hydrotherapy session and I can truly say that it has been amazing. I was apprehensive at first because I didn’t know whether the temperature of the water would affect my sickle cell. Memories of being admitted to hospital with a severe crisis every time I had swimming lessons in school suddenly came flooding back. I found that once my body adjusted to the temperature of the water (which was lukewarm), all my apprehension disappeared.

I still have not had my appointment for my operation and have decided that I am not going to allow this to effect the way I get on with life. The pain can sometimes be so bad and this can definitely take a toll on my mood but I try to ensure that when I recognise this I try to snap out of that low place.

My life has been busy as usual working within a high school art department. My job keeps me busy, but is also makes me realise how blessed and fortunate I am to work with such nice considerate people.

I continue to work on my creativity and my first children’s book is still being ordered although sales have slowed down. I have decided that my next book will be called ‘It’s okay to be different’ and will look at children dealing with invisible disabilities as well as disabilities that can be seen. This will also include learning disabilities. Sickle cell disease will definitely be included. I want to create a book that helps children with confidence and assurance, while making them feel that the differences they live with and the struggles they deal with makes them really special.

I know what that feels like, I know how different you can be made to feel, but I also now how special it is to be different and how special it is to have to fight and have inner strength to come through serious struggles……IT IS OKAY TO BE DIFFERENT!


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