AliyasthoughtsSCD: Proof of Pain

AliyasthoughtsSCD: Proof of Pain

AliyasthoughtsSCD: Proof of Pain

When you go to hospital you feel like you have to prove that you’re in pain. It makes you so cautious of everything you do. I’ve had nurses say to me “you must be feeling better” all because I’m on my phone, or going to the toilet, or just sitting up.

I believe sickle cell is one of the most judged and disbelieved illnesses. It really baffles me how some (not all) qualified trained nurses and doctors can be so ignorant in their remarks and comments. I find it extremely offensive to be questioned and judged when explaining my pain. I believe my pain levels are ignored and disbelieved. Some doctors and nurses already have pre-conceived judgement of people with sickle cell, it doesn’t matter how much pain you’re in, how you talk or behave, or carry yourself; in their mind you are just a drug addict there for a fix!

Clinical professionals sometimes say sickle cell patients are ‘difficult’ which is extremely offensive. But how would you feel if you were constantly doubted, neglected and just plain treated unfairly? How would you react? How would you behave? How would you respond? I try my best to always be polite and have manners and not loose my temper, but some clinical professionals make it extremely difficult. I can’t thank Allah enough for getting me out of that weekly cycle that was so detrimental to my emotional and mental well being. My #sicklecellfamily I continue to pray for your health happiness hope and strength… Alhumdulillah


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  1. Nakitha Edusei.

    This is so true. It hard when people doubt your pain. I always say it’s not the sickness that kills people but rather the how people react to you when you in crises that kills.

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