Know Our Patients (KOP) Sickle Cell Personal Experiences

Know Our Patients (KOP) Sickle Cell Personal Experiences

Listen to the personal sickle cell experiences of Whitney and Laruel.

The story of Whitney and Laurel describes how living with sickle cell has affected their daily lives, education, employment, relationships and the challenges they have faced throughout the Covid-19 pandemic

On Friday 20th November, global healthcare communications agency, Mudskipper, hosted an internal event called Know Our Patients.

At the event, staff at Mudskipper learnt more about sickle cell and heard from Whitney Joseph (Sickle Cell Mentor) and Laurel Brumant Palmer (Sickle Cell Blogger and Artist) about their experiences living with sickle cell.

The session was a huge success, the team learned lots about sickle cell and said that the event “was incredible. Honest, well-handled, thought-provoking and inspirational.”