Sickle Cell, COVID-19 & Vaccination (Presentation and Q&A)

Sickle Cell, COVID-19 & Vaccination (Presentation and Q&A)

On Wednesday 27th January 2021 we joined with clinicians and sickle cell patients from across the country to learn more about sickle cell and COVID-19 and to ask questions about the COVID-19 vaccines.

We started with a short introduction by SCS Chief Executive, John James OBE, about the importance of providing the facts and addressing concerns.

This was followed by consultant haematologist, Dr Rachel Kesse-Adu, sharing the data we have so far on COVID-19 and sickle cell, collected from sickle cell centres from around the country.

Next, Dr Abbie Wickham (clinical psychologist) gave a presentation on how to make difficult decisions about your health.

Finally, we ended with an open Q&A section for patients to ask any questions they had about getting the COVID-19 vaccine.


Video Guide:
– Introduction (John James OBE) 00:00:00​
– Dr Rachel Kesse-Adu (Consultant Haemotologist) Covid-19 and sickle cell the data 00:01:46​
– Abbie Wickham (Clinical Psychologist) Making Difficult Decisions Around Your Health 00:10:08​
– Q&A 00:17:52​
– Should I avoid the vaccine if I am on hydroxycarbamide? 00:18:09​
-If I normally have more sickle cell crisis, will I react more to the vaccine? 00:19:32​
– What is the likelihood of the vaccine bringing on a crisis? 00:21:13​
– What protective measures are being implemented to protect against covid-19? 00:22:18​
– Is there a recommendation for which vaccine someone with sickle cell should have? 00:23:23​
– Once you have had the vaccine, do I still need to shield? 00:26:52​
– Will the vaccine protect against all of the variants? 00:27:53​
– Has thought been given to getting families/carers of people with sickle cell vaccinated? 00:28:33​
– What is the severity of covid-19 in people with sickle cell trait? 00:30:18​
– Should you take the vaccine if you are breastfeeding or pregnant? 00:31:47​
– Have people with sickle cell been vaccinated already, and how has it gone? 00:32:50​
– Where is sickle cell in the priority groups & what about someone turning 18 soon? 00:33:52​
– How does covid-19 affect young adults with sickle cell (mid-20s)? 00:37:03​
– What should I do if I sickle in my chest (considering the effects of covid-19)? 00:39:22​
– Is it useful to have an oximeter? 00:41:21​

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