Travel Tips

This is a report on external research. It is not endorsed by the Sickle Cell Society and does not form part of our Information Standard-accredited information

Orla Cummins, Assistant Psychologist Brent Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Centre

Some of you will be planning holidays abroad and if you have sickle cell here are some things that you need to consider when going on a flight that is more than 6 hours long:

If you are going to a malaria country ensure that you take anti-malarials as well as any other vaccinations depending on your destination.

Some recommend taking an aspirin on the day that you fly (high altitudes affect the blood flow and aspirin thins the blood and helps it flow more easily).

When you are on the plane, ensure that you don’t sit still for too long, aim to take a walk at least every hour.

Drink plenty of fluids e.g. water or juice as the air tends to be dry, so it is wise to drink more than usual to avoid becoming dehydrated.

Keep a supply of your medicines in the bag that you take on the plane.

Enjoy yourself

Travel Insurance Update (UK)

For a long time, it has been difficult for people with sickle cell disorders to find an insurance company that would provide travel insurance at a reasonable cost, if at all. Previous written and anecdotal evidence showed that some premium quotes for travel insurance were in excess of the airfare.

Now, there are a number of companies that will provide very competitive rates with few exclusions. To receive a quote, please call Medicover Travel Insurance – 0870 7353600
Worldwide Travel Insurance Services – 01892 833338
Bishops Court Insurance Services – 01277 267710.

Please quote the Sickle Cell Society as your source.

A Travelling Guide for people with Sickling Disorder

Many of you will know Tony Slowley, from OSCAR Bristol, who developed a travel guide after a traumatic experience whilst holidaying abroad and suffering a crisis in 1990.

To date 20,000 travel leaflets have been printed and are available from Bristol OSCAR’s Centre. Unfortunately due to an increase in printing costs we will have to make a small charge of 10 pence per leaflet plus postage and packaging. Copies can be obtained from:

OSCAR Bristol
Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Centre
256 Stapleton Road
Tel: 0117 9512200

It is Tony’s aim that every sickle cell patient will be able to have access to these travel leaflets; with your help I am sure we can achieve this goal. He also hopes to distribute these leaflets to other countries where sickle cell is prevalent, Africa, America and the Caribbean. If you would like a copy of this leaflet contact the Bristol OSCAR Centre or the Sickle Cell Society.

For further information contact:

Sickle Cell Society
54 Station Road
London, NW10 4UA

Tel 020 8961 7795
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