Revised Hip Replacement Recovery

Revised Hip Replacement Recovery

I was told that the second surgery went very well, by the surgeon who performed the operation. I was pleased but I also realized that this was going to be tough as I could see and feel that the second incision was far bigger than the first. The dressing seem to take up a huge space on my left thigh, which for me was not a great thing.

I thanked God like I did the first time, that the only pain I could feel was the post-surgery pain. And that the pain caused by the avascular Necrosis had completely disappeared. The pain that I felt was sore and at times it made itself known to me but I can also say it was bearable not like the pain of a crisis.

I thought that things would have been harder for me mentally, as I have realized that living with a chronic illness can have such a negative effect on your mental health. I seemed to be so calm and felt that I had this extra strength that was helping me to deal with things

I spent three and a half weeks in hospital recovering from a traumatic experience but thank God I am now truly on the road to recovery. I found myself comparing this hospital experience with the experience of being in hospital with a crisis and if I am honest I would prefer to have a hip replacement any day than to go through the constant excruciating pain of a crisis.

I believe when you have gone through as many crisis and trauma as I have experienced in life, you develop an inner strength and an extraordinary pain threshold that not even I understand.

My sister who had been so supportive to me when I was a child, in my teenage days and when I was a single mother with a child, visited me regularly. On one of her visits she made a comment that has stayed with me today and has carried me through in a positive way to date:

Lois you have been through a lot worse, you will come through this.

With the positivity of my family and friends, the strength shown to me by my husband, my daughter and her fiancée, I knew that this was going to be a tough journey but I knew I would not be walking it alone.

I know many people may think that I am very nice, forgiving and in control of my life but the truth is none of us are in control. My mother has been one of my rocks and I thank God for all the encouragement and support she has given to me all my life. She continues to encourage me and never loses hope no matter what situation arises in life. Everyone should value their mother because they are the only ones who will always be there for you unconditionally. I am not saying that all mothers are perfect and they are always there for you, I am just saying that I am blessed to have the most terrific mother in the world.


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