When I was constantly in hospital I used to hate when doctors would say things such as you need to do exercise to make your body strong. It used to frustrate me so much I wanted to scream “are you kidding me, getting out of bed is exercise for me, washing is exercise, going to the toilet, making something to eat that was all exercise for me and don’t get me started on going to the shop”. There were times where I physically couldn’t stand to wash myself when I was in hospital, there were days when I had to wait for my mum to come after work to wash me while I sat down.

Saying this feels so humiliating but it’s the truth, that was my truth. I was in my early twenty’s and couldn’t wash myself while in crisis it was beyond embarrassing. I don’t know what has taken more of a beating my body or my mind.

In 2016, I decided I wanted to get fit and make my body stronger and it did work. I drastically reduced my pain relief and my body just felt stronger in itself. I do understand how important it is to make your body strong especially if you have sickle cell, but those days, those hard painful days, it’s OK to not work out or go for a walk because I know just how tough those days are, just to get out of bed or sit up but that is why we say #sicklecellwarrior and #sicklecellsurvivor because that’s what we are!

My #sicklecellfamily I pray for your health happiness hope and strength Alhumdulilah


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