How I Continue to Cope

How I Continue to Cope

Well here I am again giving you an update on how I am doing and how things have been going since my Orthopedic appointment in November.

At first the pain was still excruciating and I began to tell myself that maybe I had made a huge mistake. Perhaps I should have accepted the fact that I needed a hip replacement and I needed it now. It is amazing how positive thinking and mind over matter as well as God’s strength can really help your endurance and struggles.

I realized that the more I walked on my leg the more painful it was. So my stick became my best friend. I didn’t use it all the time but when my leg was really painful I would take some of the pressure off it. It was so funny trying to get used to using a stick at work, I kept constantly forgetting where I put it. I even lost the stick or should I say misplaced my stick and laughed as I asked my colleagues whether they had seen it.

I started to also do regular light exercise as recommended by the orthopedic doctor as I waited for my physiotherapy appointment. I realized that the more I rested my leg in between working and living my normal life, was the more I was able to bare the pain.

I still do not find it easy and every day is a struggle, but it does not feel like I have no choice any more, or that I am not in control to a degree.

My book has kept me busy and I have to date Printed set number 4. The response from everyone has been amazing especially since I decided to promote my books as personalized editions. Parents and family members began to give the names of their children to represent the animals and the entire process really took off.

I decided to fund myself and took on the printing costs,  this way I knew my dream would become a reality. The print company have been amazing and the support from everyone around me was quite overwhelming.

Yes it has been tough but I am made of tough stuff. I know that I will still eventually need a hip replacement operation there is no doubt about that. I believe with all my heart that when the time is right there will be no putting it off. My next appointment is in May, I will let you know how it goes and keep you up to date on how I am doing.


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  1. Sharon Fevrier

    Hi Laurel. I had the operation myself! I could just about cope with the pain during the day, but when you wake up in the night with excruciating pain and it disturbs your sleep, you’ve got to get something done! I’m thankful that the operation went well and I don’t feel that horrific pain anymore! All the best.

  2. LaurelBrumant

    Hi Sharon
    It was very encouraging to hear that you have had the operation done and come through it successfully. Thank God I am not at the stage where the pain is disturbing my sleep and is unbearable. I know that I have to eventually have the hip replacement sooner than later. Just feeling very apprehensive about it all.
    Thank you so much for your reassurance, I hope you enjoy your new mobility with your new hip.
    God Bless.


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