More Awareness Needed

More Awareness Needed

More Awareness Needed

When you have sickle cell you have to have a good doctor but not only that you need a doctor who fully understands the condition. You need a doctor who can also empathise with you and your specific sickle cell journey.

I’ve found over the years the only doctors who I felt completely comfortable with was my childhood haematologist and my GP doctor. It baffles me how some doctors can seem completely clueless when dealing with sickle cell patients when all the information is out there to find. I’ve had doctors ask me to explain to them what a sickle cell crisis is. I’ve either had a doctor who knows how it works but shows no compassion or empathy or a doctor who doesn’t really understand sickle cell completely but are compassionate and want to get your pain under control.

I spent many years constantly in hospital and this was something I observed. Sometimes I think to myself am I asking for too much but realise actually no, you really are not. I honestly don’t know what it will take for people with sickle cell to be treated fairly and have their condition understood and taken seriously. I pray that it happens in my lifetime. My #sicklecellfamily I continue to pray for your health happiness hope and strength…Alhumdulillah.


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